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My soul is not contained within the limits of my body. My body is contained by the limitlessness of my soul.
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The Mask (1994) directed by Chuck Russell

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Justin Bieber’s lawyer probably



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Let me get this straight:


Guys like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown smoke pot, drink and listen to rap music: In death, they’re condemned as a vicious thugs who had it coming.

Joan Rivers was caught on camera advocating genocide and cheering on the deaths of innocent kids: In death, is called a feminist icon with a heart of gold and her vile remarks are completely swept under the rug.

OK. That’s fair.

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powerful female rap artists you can listen to while you ignore iggy azalea



Chella H.

Rah Digga

Brianna Perry

Nitty Scott, MC

Please, for the love of music, please boost this post, and boost these women, who do not get half the attention Iggy gets for her cliché bullshit.

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I really like this gif because Stitch does that little squinty thing that animals do when they’re really happy and relaxed and you can tell that he’s having such a superb time playing that little ukulele

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*points at you* Ann Perkins

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